Revealed: the neo-Nazis within the ranks of France’s armed forces

By Sébastien Bourdon, Justine Brabant and Matthieu Suc

An investigation by Mediapart revealing the existence of neo-Nazi sympathisers among French military personnel has prompted the armed forces minister and France’s chief of defence staff to promise a crackdown on extremists within the ranks. The investigation, detailed here, identified 50 members of the French armed forces, many of who brazenly posted photos and videos on social media illustrating their admiration of Nazi ideology. Sébastien Bourdon, Justine Brabant and Matthieu Suc report.

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Since the initial publication last week in French of this Mediapart investigation into the existence of neo-Nazis within France’s armed forces, one of those identified has been excluded from the Foreign Legion, while disciplinary measures are pending in other cases.