Chloroquine: the controversial drug at the heart of the race for a coronavirus treatment


In China and the United States, as well as France, the drug chloroquine is one of the main focal points in the race to provide an effective treatment for the Covid-19 coronavirus. So far there is still insufficient data to show whether this anti-malaria drug will prove useful in treating people infected with the virus. And a French study praising its benefits has become mired in controversy. Rouguyata Sall reports.

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Ever since the Chinese authorities officially announced the first cases at the start of January, the Covid-19 coronavirus – sometimes known as the SARS-CoV-2 virus – epidemic has continued to spread. As of today there have been some 487,434 cases and 22,026 deaths in 198 countries. As a result scientists have been in a race against time to find a vaccine and, in the meantime, effective treatments for the disease.