Police officers' version of events contradicts Macron over injured protester in Nice


When 73-year-old activist Geneviève Legay was seriously injured during a 'yellow vest' protest in Nice in the south of France on Saturday March 23rd the incident  quickly dominated the headlines. The French president Emmanuel Macron became involved, insisting that the police officers present at the demonstration had not touched her, a claim initially backed by the local state prosecutor. Yet on the very day of that demonstration a police report, a copy of which has been seen by Mediapart, stated the opposite. Mediapart has also gathered other testimonies which bolster the idea that there has been an attempt to orchestrate a lie over the incident. The state prosecutor has conceded that a police officer did make contact with the protestor, causing her to fall. Pascale Pascariello reports.

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Claims by French president Emmanuel Macron and the state prosecutor that a 73-year-old protestor seriously injured at a demonstration was not pushed over by a police officer have been contradicted by a police report, Mediapart can reveal. Geneviève Legay, a local spokesperson for the alter-globalization Attac, was hurt during a 'yellow vest' protest in Nice in southern France on Saturday March 23rd. The incident quickly dominated the news headlines and President Macron himself got involved, rejecting claims that she was knocked over by the forces of law and order and insisting that police officers had not touched her. The state prosecutor in Nice, Jean-Michel Prêtre, also insisted that this was the case - though he has since changed his view.