A 'red rag' to voters: why some of Macron's MP candidates are dropping his campaign photo


Candidates standing for Emmanuel Macron's La République en Marche (LREM) party in the 2017 Parliamentary elections could not get enough of the newly-elected president's name and image on their campaign literature. It is a very different story in this year's Parliamentary elections, which are to be held over two rounds on June 12th and June 19th. A number of candidates for the ruling party and its allies have decided to campaign under their own own name rather than that of the recently re-elected president. Some candidates facing a tough battle against the Left or far-right look upon campaign photos of Macron as a “red rag” to disgruntled voters. Ellen Salvi reports.

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Macron by the sea, Macron in the fields, Macron in the city, Macron in a village. There is something for all tastes in the campaign pack provided for election candidates from France's ruling party for a mere 2,450 euros. Just two weeks before the first round of the Parliamentary elections on June 12th – the second round is a week later – official campaign literature is adorning the election hoardings. The posters on display show both the design choices and also the very political decisions that have been made by the candidates for the centrist Ensemble coalition. This alliance consists of Emmanuel Macron's ruling La République en Marche (LREM) – now renamed Renaissance – and two allied parties.