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Daily cancellations announced as French air strike begins

Ryanair has said 26 flights to and from France will be cancelled while easyJet say a quarter of their flights could be scrapped at start of dispute.

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Airlines plan to update customers daily as they are told to cancel 25% of flights during a six-day French air traffic strike, reports TravelMole.
EasyJet said that following a Directorate General for Civil Aviation meeting, one union had decided not the strike.
But the low cost airline said it had still been told to cancel about 25% of its operation, including a number of flights specifically from Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris Orly, and Paris Charles de Gaulle.
Ryanair has said 26 flights to and from France will be cancelled on Tuesday and British Airways has cancelled just three return services from Heathrow to Lyon, Toulouse and Marseille.
All three airlines said they would be making decisions day by day on the need for further cancellations. The strike is due to continue until Sunday, 29th.
BA said: "The level of disruption is likely to fluctuate in different parts of France at different parts of each day.
"Unfortunately this industrial action is also highly likely to lead to delays on other short-haul services which have to overfly France."

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