French maritime rescue ship Ocean Viking docks in Sicily carrying 374 migrants


The Ocean Viking, flagship of the French-based maritime humanitarian organisation SOS Méditerranée, was allowed to dock in Sicily on Monday after rescuing 374 migrants attempting, in overcrowded rubber dinghies, the hazardous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Europe. It was the first time the ship had been on a search and rescue operation since it was blocked for five months last year in an Italian port. Mediapart’s Nejma Brahim was aboard the Ocean Viking for its two-week sortie, and reports on the tense last moments of its mission as it battled heavy seas between Malta and Sicily.

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“It’s very good news, I’m happy things went quite quickly,” said Luisa. She is coordinator of search and rescue operations, seated at an office on the bridge of the Ocean Viking, flagship of the French-based humanitarian organisation SOS Méditerranée.