Little rejoicing as Moroccan king marks two decades on the throne


Moroccan King Mohammed VI this week celebrates the 20th anniversary of his reign. The 55-year-old monarch chose to avoid any ostentatious ceremonies, reflecting the sombre social climate in the country where, by his own admission, past policies for the country’s development have proved “incapable of satisfying the pressing demands and growing needs of citizens”. Rachida El Azzouzi and Ali Amar from Mediapart’s Moroccan media partner Le Desk analyse the vast challenges facing the North African kingdom, prone to mounting social revolt, where Mohammed VI once represented a future of hope after the dark years of the reign of his father, Hassan II.

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On July 30th 1999, Mohammed VI was officially proclaimed king of Morocco, succeeding his father, Hassan II, who had died one week earlier after ruling over the North African country in a hard-fisted reign that had lasted 38 years.