Macron v Macron: president's biggest challenge in 2018 comes from himself


“I did it in 2017....I will do it in 2018”. On Sunday December 31st, President Emmanuel Macron delivered his first New Year goodwill message to the French people. Just 12 months ago no one imagined that he would be the occupant of the Élysée. Even last summer, when he had been elected, no one thought he would be in a strong position. Yet here he is, and his political situation looks robust. But it is a little too early for the new president to get out the bunting just yet. For Hubert Huertas argues that President Macron is about to face his biggest political 'opponent' – himself.

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You have to go with the evidence. Emmanuel Macron is president of the Republic, he controls all the levers of power and, contrary to what had been predicted after his election in May 2017, his political position has not come under threat.