Macron weakened by departures from entourage


The head of communications at the Élysée has just announced that he is to leave his post by the end of January. Sylvain Fort, who is close to Emmanuel Macron having worked alongside him for more than two years, proclaimed his “total loyalty” to the French president. But this and reports of other possible departures from the president's inner circle have further weakened a presidency which is embroiled in the affair involving former security aide Alexandre Benalla and the ongoing social movement carried out by the so-called from the yellow vest protestors. Lénaïg Bredoux reports.

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Emmanuel Macron has been weakened though to what extent it is impossible to say at the moment. But one thing is certain: nervousness continues to grip the ranks of his entourage. The start of 2019 has seen the announcement of a new string of departures from inside the presidential office, starting with the person in charge of communications, Sylvain Fort.