Disgraced Macron security aide has diplomatic passport

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Alexandre Benalla, the disgraced former personal security advisor and deputy cabinet chief to President Emmanuel Macron, who was dismissed from his post this summer after it was revealed he assaulted May Day marchers in Paris while wearing police insignia, has continued to travel in possession of a French diplomatic passport and notably during recent business trips to Israel and several African countries, Mediapart has learnt. The passport, valid for four years, was delivered to him on May 24th, three weeks after the May Day events for which he is now placed by magistrates under formal investigation. Fabrice Arfi and Antton Rouget report.

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Alexandre Benalla, President Emmanuel Macron’s disgraced former deputy cabinet chief and personal security aide, who is under formal investigation by magistrates for assaulting several people during May Day marches in Paris this spring, has been travelling outside of France in possession of a French diplomatic passport handed to him on May 28th, Mediapart has learnt.