Mediapart blocks prosecutors' bid to search offices over Macron security aide affair


Mediapart refused a highly unusual attempt by prosecutors in Paris on Monday morning to search its editorial offices as part of an  investigation that notably cites a breach of the personal privacy of Alexandre Benalla, the disgraced controversial former security aide to President Emmanuel Macron. He was sacked and placed under formal investigation last summer after video footage emerged of him and ruling LREM party security manager Vincent Crase using violence on protestors during demonstrations in Paris on May 1st. The new prosecution services’ probe follows Mediapart's revelations last week of extracts from a compromising conversation between Benalla and Crase, who met in violation of their conditional bail, which raise wider questions over Benalla’s actions while employed by the presidency, and also his relationship with the president. Mediapart exercised its legal right to refuse the raid on the grounds of protecting the identity of its sources.

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French public prosecution service officials, accompanied by police officers, arrived unannounced at Mediapart's editorial offices in Paris on Monday morning with the intention of carrying out a search of the premises as part of investigations which notably cited supposed evidence of a breach of the personal privacy of President Emmanuel Macron's disgraced former security aide Alexandre Benalla.