Denying French visa to journalist Hussam Hammoud would 'gift a victory to Islamic State'


The Turkish-based Syrian journalist and Mediapart contributor Hussam Hammoud was refused a visa by the French authorities on September 5th. A month later, on Wednesday October 5th, his legal team appeared at the administrative court in Nantes to appeal against this decision. The journalist's lawyers highlighted the vague approximations and errors in the arguments used by France's Ministry of the Interior to refuse him the humanitarian visa and called for the application to be looked at again. François Bougon reports.

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Wednesday October 5th was a red letter day for Syrian journalist and Mediapart contributor Hussam Hammoud, who is currently living in exile in Turkey. For two reasons. First, because it saw the publication of his book about the former Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa in Syria. Co-authored by journalist Céline Martelet and published by Denoël, the work is called 'L’Asphyxie. Raqqa, chronique d’une apocalypse' ('Suffocation. Raqqa, story of an apocalypse').