How Right will she be? Presidential hopeful Valérie Pécresse's tricky political balancing act


Valérie Pécresse's victory in becoming the presidential candidate for the right-wing Les Républicains for the 2022 election has been greeted with an opinion poll suggesting she can defeat incumbent President Emmanuel Macron. However, the president of the Paris region is faced with a political quandary: how does she retain support from those who backed her nearest challenger for the candidacy, right-winger Éric Ciotti, who are attracted by the far right, without repelling the “moderate” right-wing voters who currently support Macron? As Ilyes Ramdani reports, it is the first key strategic challenge of her campaign - and perhaps the most crucial one.

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“Today is the start of hope, with a key figure, Éric Ciotti!” Rather in the manner of a referee at the end of the boxing match, Valérie Pécresse lifted the arm of “dear Éric” for the audience to applaud him. The image was captured, the worst had been avoided.