In the Paris suburb where a Roma boy was lynched, sympathy is hard to find


A 16 year-old Roma boy beaten unconscious by a lynch mob on a sink estate in the Paris suburbs remained in a coma in a Paris hospital on Wednesday, when doctors said he was uncertain to survive the multiple injuries he sustained. Suffering notably from severe fractures to his skull, the teenager was found dumped unconscious in a supermarket trolley beside a main road after the mob of masked individuals kidnapped him from the makeshift camp (pictured) his family and other Roma were living in. Carine Fouteau reports from the run-down housing estate, where she found few people among its multi-ethnic population prepared to openly condemn the horrific events.

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The exact circumstances surrounding the barbaric lynching late last Friday of a 16 year-old Roma gypsy boy by a mob of inhabitants from a housing estate in a suburb north of Paris remain unclear.