The 'new wave' Bleus of the Mbappé generation


The French national football team, les Bleus, lost to Argentina in the World Cup final in Qatar on Sunday, in a thrilling game that ended in breathless manner. But while the young squad may have the blues at losing their bid for world football's ultimate crown, the new "Mbappé generation" have already surpassed their elders in the matter of popping the apolitical bubble surrounding French football, and in challenging its conservative governing federation. Ilyes Ramdani reports.  

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French President Emmanuel Macron was present in Qatar on Sunday to watch what many football professionals and sports commentators have described as the most thrilling World Cup final ever. The cameras were on him as he fist-pumped the France team’s extraordinary comeback of equalising goals against Argentina, and later consoling the France players after they lost the match in the penalty shootout that followed a 3-3 draw.