Macron discreetly rewards friends and allies during summer break


As a presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron insisted he wanted to dispense with the old ways of doing politics. Yet over this summer President Macron has approved a series of appointments of loyal followers and advisers as well as political allies who have faced difficulties but whose support he may need. And as Manuel Jardinaud reports, this form of presidential patronage is exactly what French presidents have always done.

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Officially much of France may have been on holiday, but this summer has been a busy time for government and public appointments as President Emmanuel Macron has made his powers of patronage felt across all levels of the Republic. The regular meeting of governement ministers held at the end of July approved a raft of appointments of prefects – state officials – as well as heads of various government services and departments whose nominations are in the gift of the head of state. No fewer than 62 such appointments were made public.