Chelsea star Kanté in ‘sack your agent or he’ll be killed’ claim

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In a recording obtained by Mediapart, an advisor to Chelsea star N'Golo Kanté admits putting pressure on the World Cup-winning French international footballer in 2017 over a dispute involving the sharing out of commissions linked to the player's move from Leicester City to the London club. The advisor says that his brother, who was also present, “perhaps” had a “gun” on him at the time of the discussion, in which deaths threats were allegedly made in relation to Kanté's agent. Yann Philippin and Matthieu Suc investigate a popular French player who has been the subject of a merciless fight between members of his entourage, a battle involving huge sums of money and offshore companies in Jersey.

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In March 2017 N’Golo Kanté, the defensive midfield star for Chelsea and France, returned home from London to celebrate his 26th birthday with his family on the Les Géraniums estate at Rueil-Malmaison in the western suburbs of Paris where his mother still lives.