Ethical dilemma: French patients could be denied ICU access as Covid cases rise


Mediapart has seen a document in which doctors in the south of France are drawing up plans to decide which patients will be admitted to hospital intensive care units - and which will not - amid fears that the current wave of Covid-19 cases could overwhelm them. The revelation comes as France recorded 179,807 Covid cases in a single day. According to the working document, if the situation worsens ICU staff in Marseille and across the southern region of PACA could refuse admission to frail patients over 65. Meanwhile doctors have told Mediapart of their concern over the ethical issues they will face if they have to deny patients healthcare. Pascale Pascariello reports.

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Officials in the south of France are drawing up plans that could see some elderly and frail patients denied admission to intensive care as the latest wave of Covid-19 threatens to overwhelm some hospitals there, Mediapart can reveal.