Qatar suspected of targeting Mediapart in global hacking operation

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A joint investigation by The Sunday Times and the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism has reported that a group of Indian hackers were hired to spy on journalists and other individuals “who threatened to expose wrongdoing” over the awarding to Qatar of this year’s football World Cup. Among the “dozen” people reported to have been targeted are former UEFA president Michel Platini, French senator Nathalie Goulet, and Mediapart journalist Yann Philippin. Qatar denies any involvement in the hacking operation. Fabrice Arfi and Michaël Hajdenberg report.

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Mediapart journalist Yann Philippin was one of several people targeted by hackers based in India who were commissioned to gain access to mobile phones and computers of individuals “who threatened to expose wrongdoing” by Qatar “in the run-up to this month’s World Cup”, according to a joint investigation by The Sunday Times and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.