Football Leaks: arrested whistleblower Rui Pinto agreed to help French and Swiss prosecutors

Rui Pinto, the Portuguese whistleblower linked to the Football Leaks revelations, was released on conditional bail by a Hungarian court on Friday after his arrest following an extradition demand issued by the Portuguese authorities. Pinto, 30, who is to fight the extradition demand, is accused of attempted extortion and data theft. Mediapart can confirm that he is cooperating with French prosecution services and has agreed to help Swiss prosecutors in separate investigations into suspected tax evasion and corruption revealed by the Football Leaks documents.

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Rui Pinto, the Portuguese whistleblower linked to the Football Leaks data files who was arrested in Hungary on Wednesday at the request of the Portuguese authorities, has been actively helping France’s prosecution services in their investigations into “money laundering the proceeds of aggravated tax evasion”, a probe which was opened following the first revelations by Mediapart and its partners in the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) of investigations into corruption in the world of professional football.

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