EU parliament scandal: Morocco spared by MEPs but probe closes in


Revelations in the so-called “Qatargate” corruption scandal engulfing the European Parliament this month, involving past and present members of the chamber, including its former vice-president, are snowballing. While the Belgian authorities continue investigations into those implicated in an alleged Qatari slush-fund used to buy favours from EU lawmakers, MEPs have suspended all legislative work in connection with Qatar, and withdrawn access to the institution by the Gulf State’s representatives. But they shied from including Morocco in the sanctions, despite growing evidence of its involvement in the influence peddling. Mediapart's European affairs correspondent Ludovic Lamant reports.  

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The corruption scandal that has engulfed the European Parliament this month is fast snowballing into one with wider implications than its media nickname of “Qatargate” suggests, as suspicions deepen over Morocco’s role in the alleged cash-for-influence network.