Judge leading EU parliament corruption probe warns of the growing power of 'dirty money'

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Belgian judge Michel Claise is leading the investigation into the snowballing corruption scandal rocking the European Parliament in Brussels, and which has already led to the downfall and imprisonment of a now former vice president of the chamber. In this interview with Mediapart, the veteran investigating magistrate, specialised in financial crime, details the extent to which corruption and organised crime are out of control in Europe, and slams the lack of resources to fight it. “When you touch on dirty money, and when that involves the political world, people become transformed into wild animals,” he says.

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Belgian judge Michel Claise has more than 20 years of experience working as an investigating magistrate, and is specialised in financial crime, notably money laundering. His past, high-profile investigations have led to the convictions of numerous influential figures, and he has on several occasions been placed under police protection.