The hidden activities of the clan behind Doyen Sports


One of the biggest investment funds in European football, Doyen Sports Investments, is controlled by a secretive Kazakh family who made their fortune in a chemicals plant and who hide their vast wealth in the British Virgin Islands. Tevfik Arif, who was for several years a business partner of US president-elect Donald Trump, is the ‘public face’ of the clan of four brothers who run the family’s business activities and who enjoy close links to several oligarchs from the former Soviet Union. In a series of further revelations from documents obtained from the Football Leaks platform by the journalistic consortium European Investigative Collaborations (EIC), Yann Philippin lifts the lid on one of football’s best-kept secrets.

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When a business created from nothing in 2011 rapidly becomes one of the biggest investment funds in European football, representing stars such as David Beckham and Neymar, there are naturally questions asked. But when journalists asked the London HQ of Doyen Sports Investments who the owners are they are told the information is confidential