How French firms profit from France's foreign aid agency

By and Anthony Fouchard (Disclose)

France’s foreign aid agency, the AFD, which provides financial support for developing countries, funds projects in Africa to the tune of billions of euros in contracts in which the principal beneficiaries are French companies, while the details of a number of its activities are not made public for reasons of banking secrecy. Justine Brabant and Anthony Fouchard summarize here the findings of a series of investigations into the AFD's practices by Mediapart in partnership with online newsroom Disclose.


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Created in 1941 during WWII by General Charles de Gaulle’s government in exile in London, initially as a treasury institution called the Central Fund of Free France, later responsible for funding the development of French overseas territories, the renamed French Development Agency (AFD) is today the public body through which France provides financial aid to developing countries via specific projects.