Migrants held 'secretly and illegally' in prefab huts in France


Migrant rights groups are taking legal action after discovering that migrants  are being secretly detained overnight in prefabricated huts in the French town of Menton on the border with Italy. The groups say the the French authorities' treatment of the refugees, many of whom are from Sudan and Eritrea and who include some children, is illegal. Carine Fouteau reports.

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The French border police are using prefabricated huts to secretly detain migrants who have crossed the border from Italy, according to migrant rights groups. They are being held in a police station next to the railway station at Menton on the border with Italy, a transit point for many migrants who have crossed the Mediterranean and who then head further north in Europe. Migrant rights groups say the migrants are kept in the huts overnight before being sent back back to Italy the following day.