Sarkozy gives evidence at corruption trial: 'My life has been about lending a hand'


Former president Nicolas Sarkozy has given evidence at the corruption trial in Paris where he is accused of trying to bribe a senior judge in return for confidential judicial information. The ex-head of state was full of anger and indignation at the allegations that have been levelled against him. “I swear to you, the idea that we were doing something we shouldn't could not have been further from my mind!” he told the courtroom. Mediapart's legal affairs correspondent Michel Deléan was in court to hear Nicolas Sarkozy proclaim his innocence on all charges.

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Forcing himself to keep his composure, he has been visibly impatient and desperate to have his say since the opening of his trial. Finally, on Monday December 7th, Nicolas Sarkozy was given his chance when he was cross-examined in the 32nd criminal chamber of the Paris courts at his corruption trial, where is is accused of influence peddling and corruption. His co-defendants are his lawyer and friend Thierry Herzog and former senior magistrate Gilbert Azibert, the judge he is accused of trying to bribe in return for confidential judicial information.