Macron trumpets own record as he announces mandatory vaccines for health staff and Covid 'passports'


The French president addressed the nation on the evening of Monday July 12th to announce that all health workers will have to get a Covid vaccination between now and September 15th. In addition, Emmanuel Macron said that citizens will soon require a Covid pass or 'passport' for many social activities; for cinemas from July 21st and for bars and restaurants from the start of August, as well as for train journeys and longer coach trips. At the same time the president took the opportunity to praise his own track record as head of state before and during the Covid crisis and to set out some potentially controversial reforms just months ahead of next April's presidential election. Ellen Salvi reports on the president's latest televised address.

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When French president Emmanuel Macron spoke to the nation on the evening of Monday July 12th he announced a series of measures to combat the growing threat posed by the Delta Covid variant in France. But more than anything else this was a 30-minute exercise in self-satisfaction. During his televised address the French head of state spent a long time praising his own track record in handling the Covid crisis as well as his economic and social record in office, before finally getting to the key issue.