France Analysis

Is the French Left already resigned to defeat at the 2022 presidential election?

Various factions on the Left are already focussing on the Parliamentary elections in June 2022, in apparent acceptance that they are unlikely to perform well at the presidential election that takes place two months earlier. Opinion polls currently suggest that the battle to be the next French head of state in April 2022 will primarily be between the incumbent president Emmanuel Macron, the far-right and, just possibly, the traditional Right. The subsequent Parliamentary elections, to be held over two rounds on June 12th and June 19th, will meanwhile determine the political influence of the various parties on the Left in the National Assembly. Mathieu Dejean and Pauline Graulle report on the potential horse-trading among the Left ahead of those legislative elections and the impact this may have, too, on the race for the presidency itself.

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It is a sign that a battle is under way. A motion adopted at the last meeting of the green Europe Écologie-Les Verts (EELV) party's national council has caused something of a stir on the Left in France. This motion refers to the Parliamentary elections that will take place in June 2022, two months after the presidential election. In it the greens call for the “start of discussions over all of the 577 [Parliamentary] constituencies with a view to a national agreement” with other groups on the ecological left.

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