French war on terror: 2,500 searches but just two investigations


Following the French government's decision to declare a state of emergency in the wake of the November 13th terror attacks in Paris, the authorities have carried out 2,500 searches that did not require judicial approval, in the name of fighting terrorism. But so far these so-called administrative searches have led to just two preliminary investigations by the antiterrorism prosecution authorities in Paris and no one has been held in custody in connection with either of them. As Louise Fessard reports, a French parliamentary committee will report this week on the “abuses” carried out under the state of emergency.

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A parliamentary committee will this week report on the “abuses” carried out by the authorities acting under the state of emergency that was invoked by the French government after the November 13th terror attacks in Paris. On Wednesday the legal affairs committee will produce its preliminary findings after examining the arrests and searches carried out under the emergency legislation, actions which do not require the approval of a judge or court.