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Moscow man: the key role of a French intermediary in Benalla security aide affair

In the unfolding saga of the Benalla affair, which involves President Emmanuel Macron's sacked security aide Alexandre Benalla, one man played a key role in the shadows. He is French middleman Jean-Louis Haguenauer, the man behind the Russia security contract negotiated by Benalla while the latter was still working as a key aide at the Élysée. Mediapart can reveal how over a period of 30 years Haguenauer cultivated a network of contacts in Russia, including close links with the Russian secret services. Fabrice Arfi, Antton Rouget and Marine Turchi report.

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He is a discreet but key figure behind the scenes in the unfolding saga involving President Emmanuel Macron's former security aide Alexandre Benalla, who was sacked after he was caught on camera beating up protestors at a MayDay demonstration in 2018. Jean-Louis Haguenauer was the French businessman who was the go-between for the Russian security contract negotiated by Benalla while the latter was still working at the Élysée as a senior aide for the French presidency. Now, with the support of testimonies and documents, Mediapart can reveal the unique network that Haguenauer has built up in Russia over 30 years, plus his close links with the Russian security services.

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