Macron's election balancing act on Europe


Emmanuel Macron has still to announce his widely expected bid for a second term in office in next April’s presidential elections. His eventual rivals accuse him of unfairly using his position to already campaign in disguise, and notably when France takes over the rotating, six-month presidency of the EU Council on January 1st. As Ellen Salvi reports, it will give Macron the opportunity of testing his election campaign arguments to win over the Eurosceptics among his potential electorate on the Right, and notably on the handling of the Covid-19 crisis and immigration controls.

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Five years ago, during his election campaign meetings, Emmanuel Macron whipped up applause for the cause of the European Union, and today he is keen to underline the fact. “I stood up for Europe when many were booing it, had it jeered,” he said during a press conference on December 9th, when he presented his plans for France’s forthcoming turn, beginning on January 1st, to occupy the revolving, six-month presidency of the European Union (EU) Council.