Doubts over real motive for French government probe of judge who fights corruption


Éric Alt, the vice-president of the non-governmental anti-corruption organisation ANTICOR, is also a judge. He is now being investigated by a judicial watchdog over comments he made in his role as an ANTICOR activist about a corruption case in Corsica, and also his participation in another case involving a senior ally of President Emmanuel Macron. As Michel Deléan reports, questions are being raised about whether the French government has targeted Alt because of its displeasure over ANTICOR's role in high-profile cases.

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In the coming days the judicial inspectorate, the Inspection Générale de la Justice (IGJ), will deliver a report to justice minister Nicole Belloubet about a case involving a judge, Éric Alt. This follows the decision by the minister on July 5th 2019 to refer two complaints to the IGJ about Alt, who is a judge in the industrial tribunal division of the judiciary and also vice-president of the anti-corruption organisation ANTICOR. Alt is a well-known figure in the fight against corruption, and has played a role, too, in the association Sherpa which works for victims of financial crimes, and in the judges' representative body the Syndicat de la Magistrature (SM). He also has his own blog on Mediapart.
Once she has received the report Nicole Belloubet has two options; she can either chose to leave the matter there or send Éric Alt to appear before the disciplinary panel of the judge's ruling body the Conseil Supérieur de la Magistrature (CSM).