The secret story behind Macron's campaign fundraising

In order to finance his election campaign, Emmanuel Macron succeeded in raising almost 13 million euros in what was a remarkable achievement for his maverick centrist political movement En Marche ! created barely one year before his election as president. But contrary to the image put about by his campaign team that it was the result of a spontaneous surge of popular support, the funds were primarily sourced from a powerful network of bankers, financiers and businessmen, as information gathered from the massive leak of hacked En Marche ! internal documents and verified by Mediapart reveals.

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At about 11pm on Friday May 5th, Emmanuel Macron left the offices of Mediapart in east-central Paris where he had taken part in a filmed interview, lasting more than two hours, about his political programme. At about the same moment, the social media began buzzing about what became dubbed “the Macron Leaks”, which was the publication on a website of links to thousands of hacked documents from macron’s political movement En Marche ! (On the move).