France's compromising and cosy relationship with Morocco's repressive regime

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The Pegasus spyware revelations show how Morocco has targeted at least 10,000 mobile phones in recent years. These include the phones of several dozen French citizens, including journalists, the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and government ministers and senior opposition figures. Yet for the last thirty years the political, media and cultural elites here in France have closed their eyes to the repressive behaviour of the North African monarchy. Lénaïg Bredoux and Iyes Ramdani report.

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In the photo a huge chandelier dominates the middle of the table. Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte are sitting either side of King Mohammed VI, who is dressed in red with gold embroidery. Behind them the agapanthuses are in full bloom. In front of them on the table is expensive crockery and some refined typical Ramadan food dishes. This is June 2017 and the new French president has chosen Morocco for his first visit outside Europe after his recent election.