Sarkozy loses conservative primaries won by Fillon, ending bid for re-election


Nicolas Sarkozy was ejected into the political wilderness on Sunday after he was eliminated from his conservative party’s first-round primary elections to decide its candidate for the 2017 presidential elections in France. His former prime minister François Fillon emerged the clear leader of the first-round vote on Sunday, trailed in second place by veteran Gaullist conservative and one-time prime minister Alain Juppé. Both Fillon and Juppé will now move on to the knock-out second round of voting next weekend. Former French president Sarkozy, whose 2007-2012 term of office ended with his election defeat to the socialist François Hollande, is now tipped to leave active politics, as he faces the conclusions of a series of corruption investigations in which he is implicated. Follow here the Sunday evening results and reactions.

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