New book reveals François Hollande's disturbing approach to corruption scams

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A book published in France this week presents a long series of ‘fireside’ conversations over several years between President François Hollande and two journalists from French daily Le Monde . The book, Un président ne devrait pas dire ça (“A president shouldn’t say that…”), has caused a storm of controversy, notably over Hollande’s attacks on the “cowardly” higher ranks of the French judiciary and which prompted an embarrassed admission of "regret" by the president on Friday over his comments. But, Mediapart investigative journalists Fabrice Arfi and Mathilde Mathieu argue here, the book is especially revelatory of Hollande’s surprising approach to the catalogue of corruption scams which have shaken the French political establishment over recent years.  For he evidently regards them more in terms of their electoral consequences or the negative fallout upon himself than scandals that raise grave concern over the absence of probity in French politics.

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In a book published this week in France, Un président ne devrait pas dire ça… (“A president shouldn’t say that…”), which is made up of the transcripts of 61 conversations between François Hollande and two journalists from the newspaper Le Monde, the French president discusses in detail and for the first time the question of “les affaires” – a term in French to describe scandals, mostly those concerning corruption.