The divisions behind the latest 'gilets jaunes' social protests in Paris

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This Saturday December 1st the so-called 'gilets jaunes' or yellow hi-vis vest protesters will take to the streets of central Paris for the third weekend in a row. This time other groups – unions, anti-racist movements and student groups – are also planning demonstrations in the capital. But while they might all be demonstrating at the same time, these different components of the current social movement sweeping across France are not all on the same wavelength when it comes to their aims and objectives. Mathilde Goanec, Dan Israel and Faïza Zerouala report.

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This weekend will witness 'Act 3' of the 'gilets jaunes' or yellow hi-vis vest protests over fuel tax rises when demonstrators descend on the centre of Paris for the third week in a row. But will this movement, onethat has no leader, structure or detailed coherent programme, be able to make a decisive breakthrough?