This infant girl was found dead on a beach in Tunisia, a tragedy met with indifference


The washed-up corpse of an infant girl (photo) was found on December 24th on a beach in Tunisia’s Kerkennah Islands, in almost identical circumstances as that of three-year-old Alan Kurdi, found on a beach in Turkey in 2015. Both drowned during an attempted crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. But while the shocking photo of the little boy’s body made headlines around the world, that of the unidentified little girl has prompted no such interest, nor any political reaction, highlighting a creeping indifference towards such tragedies. Nejma Brahim reports from Tunisia, where she spoke with those who routinely face the horrors of the Mediterranean ‘graveyard’.

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The beaches of the Kerkennah Islands in Tunisia, which lie a short distance off the eastern port city of Sfax, regularly bear witness, through the discoveries of washed-up corpses and debris, to the tragedies that befall migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea in frail, often overcrowded boats.